looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Services and non-mailings

Friday - our usual day not commuting down the other end of the valley to WonkaTech.

Lisa had previously arranged for all our annual service visits to happen today: The TV, Exercycle, Fridge, Dryer, and Airconditioning.

They didn't all arrive at once, but within a period of about 3 hours they had all been and given our appliances the once-over and declared them all to be in good health.

After the last one had departed, we were going to go and post some packages at the new Post Office that had just opened on Jones Blvd, a couple of blocks away from our house. We'd received a card in the mail announcing that it was opening.

We were in the car, ready to back out of the garage, when Lisa looked at the card and said, "We're complete idiots! The small print on the card says it doesn't actually open until next week!"

Which meant that our nearest Post Office was actually still a long way away on Tenaya Blvd, and we didn't feel like driving all that way.

"Why the heck didn't they send the card so that it'd arrive when the Post Office was actually open?" I griped. "Oh well, I guess they can't predict how long it takes for things to get through the mail..."

"Dear," replied Lisa, "They *are* the Post Office..."