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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Mattress Testing

Our futon mattress hasn't seemed as comfortable as usual lately. Both Lisa and I agreed that it was enough with the stiffness and uncomfortable sleeping: it was time for a change.

After some research, Lisa suggested trying a mattress topper, something that you can strap over an underperforming mattress to make it more comfortable - rather than replacing the whole thing. One brand in particular caught our fancy: one made with isotonic foam, apparently designed for NASA G-force couches, which conforms to the body and provides even support, eliminating pressure points etc etc.

The other day it arrived, and we followed the instructions, unfolding it and laying it out on the spare bed, letting it regain its natural shape.

It felt exactly like pizza dough.

A couple of days later - this evening - we remade our bed, installing our new super-science layer over our tired, retired futon.

Result: Extreme comfort! It's the closest I'm ever going to be to being an astronaut, anyway.