looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A Different Kind of Work

Friday Night! After a short day at work we again meet Randy at his room at the Luxor, this time to talk shop and to meet up with some more old friends from Microsoft: Yag, Beth, and a new guy, Richard.

Afterwards we all go out to dinner at Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Eating at Nobu gave me flashbacks to the movie "American Psycho". Everyone there (except us) were physically beautiful or exotic or otherwise very interesting-looking. I was expecting to have to compare business cards and to come up wanting.

The decor was pretty cool, actually, but marred somewhat by the dim lighting and the noise! Everyone was yelling, it seemed, and there was no way to have a conversation. I couldn't hear the waiterbot unless he was bending down to talk in my ear. I think his name was Kurt. All the waiters were sharply dressed in black slacks and black t-shirts. They were also buff and pretty.

The food, however, was rather excellent. Nobu is kind of Japanese fusion, neo-sushi or something. There were some very unique tastes and combinations, brought to the table family style in successive waves. To accompany this we had some elitist unfiltered saki which tasted like fermented milk (but in a good way).

It didn't quite make up for the total weirdness of the (once in a lifetime, I suspect) experience. I won't forget that dinner for a while.

The other guys in our party dredged up some vestiges of teenage-level energy and went clubbing. Lisa and I went home.