looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Baby Rabbit Spectacular

Last night I worked until 2:00am on a project for Wonka, only to be woken at 5:00am this morning by Kami who had captured a baby rabbit and brought it in for us to review (presumably before dispatching it.)

Argh. No sleep. Must chase rabbit back and forth and back and forth and back and forth behind the couch.

We eventually trapped the bunny behind a bookshelf and judicial use of a tea-towel resulted in a moment of cuteness before I dropped the little guy over the back fence, hopefully out of Kami's reach.

Later, at work, I was totally committed to uploading version 3.31 of Sales2 into production on March 31. Of course, nothing worked and I had to patch the production version twice more before leaving for the day.

Note to self #1: The end of the month is NEVER a good time to upload a new version of software, because the users are all trying to get their end-of-month work done.

Note to self #2: Cackling over a backup zip file name of 331_030331.zip should have been sufficient. Trying to upload version 3.31 on 03.03.31 was pushing it.

Note to self #3: Don't try anything on 3 hours sleep.