looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A Typical Day

On the way in to work this morning we stopped off at "Bagels-n-More" to replenish our freezer with 3 dozen. That's one benefit of working south of the airport - it's very easy to deviate our route slightly and collect our monthly bagel supply, nice and early when they are not busy and have plenty of everything left in their bagel bins.

There's a large Post Office just down the road from work also, which makes it convenient to do postal-type things before getting stuck into work business.

This afternoon we left work early again, as Lisa had her last Dentist appointment. I dropped her off at the Centennial Family Dentist, and went home to slice the bagels and divide them into freezer bags.

Then I returned at 4:30pm, collected Lisa and we had won-ton soup for dinner at the Wok's Inn over the road.