looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A Day Off already?

We've got dentist appointments today, so we're not going in to work. This was all arranged a while ago, so no-one was surprised or anything. If WonkaTech & BrokerInc pulled their act together, we would have been working for a week or so before having to skip out today, but delays happen I guess.

Today is also the first day of our week as a Neilsen Family. We'll be keeping a diary of our TV viewing habits. Here's to boosting Farscape's ratings by a whole point!


OK, so my teeth are in pretty good shape. I have a cracked filling, apparently, although I'm not feeling anything bad from that area, and the tooth I thought might be a problem turns out to be fine. None the less, it has been temperature sensitive for the last month and I guess that was just a transient thing. It seems better now.

The Dentist Office, located in the rapidly growing Centennial Center area, was a bit of a factory floor production line, which made for an uncomfortable visit. Not my favorite environment.

PetCo was just across the road, so we picked up vital pet supplies (litter, canned food, and anti-flea) and drove home.

Our 8th anniversary was yesterday, but we celebrated this evening with a meal at Sushi Ko for Teppan Yaki. Very enjoyable, very yummy! Some left over for lunch the next day.