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Almost our anniversary

Hooray - we got confirmation that we start working at WonkaTech tomorrow at 9:00am! Rock on.

We took the car round to Discount Tyres on Rancho Drive, and got four new shiny Michelin Destiny tyres. (When we brought our car in for a service last week, they did say the tyres would need replacing soon, within the next couple of months.)

We also paid for a spare wheel, and asked them to put the best of the original tyres on it for a "real" spare, (as opposed to the rinky-dink training wheel we currently have in our spare wheel bay in the trunk).

The new tyres are cool... our car has that "new tyre" feeling. Grippy grippy.

Of course I immediately wanted to run over something soft so that we could leave a nice tread print, but then I realised that cleaning the wheel afterwards didn't appeal.

Tomorrow will also be our 8th wedding anniversary. As Lisa put it, looking at the spare tyre in the trunk and the four new shiny ones, "We exchanged rings!"