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Argh. http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2003/shuttle/

We were restoring Jeanne's data and mail settings on her new box in our kitchen when I saw the news on ActiveWin.com. I thought it was a crank post, but then I kept going to other sites and they said the same things... I couldn't believe it. CNN had the footage looping behind talking heads.

Many people are likening this to the Challenger in '86, but for me, it's different. First because I don't remember what I was doing back then - it wasn't a memory-crystalizing moment, although I remember the front-page news and pictures.

And in Columbia's case, at least they got to be in Space. Humankind in space - it's not a manifest destiny, despite what some people say, and it's not inevitable.

The International Space Station was created to give the Shuttles something to do. It's a waste, especially now the funding has been cut back so that there is basically no scientific justification for it. Now, with three humans on board, it seems important to keep the shuttles flying.

I'm encouraged by some polls published the other day that seem to indicate that 75% of the population want to see space exploration continue and funding increased. Increased funding is good providing it doesn't go from NASA to the pockets of Boeing and Lockheed-Martin who procure premium shuttle components.

What is needed is a whole new space administration...

  Dan Rather: Many of us have been hoping to see men on Mars in our lifetimes - will this be a setback?
  Nasa Suit: Mars has never been a NASA project... Mars may never happen in our lifetimes.
  Dan Rather: well some of us will continue to dream.