looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Marty doesn'y want to say it

We continue packing up the Acme gear and sealing and labelling the boxes. I reformatted the FileServer hard drive - actually I ran a Wiper program on it and then deleted the partition, they'll have to boot on a floppy to recomission it.

The laptops got similar treatment, deleting the HPFS partitions and creating a new FAT32 one, with Windows 98 installed from the disks that they came with 4 years ago. Heh.

Officially, this is so if they go missing during shipment, there's no chance of Acme secrets being stolen.

Meanwhile, we tried to get Acme's redeployment/recruitment representative Marty to come out and admit that there were no chances of either of us getting a new position within Acme. This took some coaxing, he was reluctant to be the bearer of bad news.

We have discovered from other people in Acme that we are not the only ones being "redeployed". By any other name, Acme would be announcing layoffs, but of course they can't do that, because it would damage their stock performance. Feh.