looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


We promised ourselves that, while the kids were here, we would find out what the new Sushi and Teppan-Yaki restaurant "Sushi Ko" was like. Sushi Ko opened recently in Craig Plaza, which is a little less far away from civilization as our own nearby Centennial Center is.

That's a dumb way of saying that it is one freeway exit closer to town than the one we take to drive home. Something like that.

On the way there we dropped some stuff off at Mailboxes Etc. and did some shoe shopping with Derek.

Sushi Ko *does* have Teppan-yaki tables but we decided to evaluate them another time, focusing on the sushi menu, which is broad and varied. Verdict: more expensive and perhaps more adventurous than our favorite "local" sushi restaurant, but then, we haven't been terribly adventurous when ordering sushi there.

Certainly we "rolled" out of the restaurant with our bellies satisfactorily full.