looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Avoid being hit by the door

Regarding yesterday's meeting:

The meeting title was "Project Assignment Discussion" which could have been good news, so we really had very little warning, except for the fact we've been kind of expecting it for months. For the last month or so we've basically been twiddling our thumbs.

It was quite quick and relatively painless, if a little transparent and not very creative. As soon as Bill, our unit leader, told us that this was not a meeting to talk about some new work that needed doing, but rather, to inform us that our job positions were being eliminated, Jim sent us each an email with a "Job Elimination Memo" attached. He must have had them ready, poised in his outbox.

So this morning, we delayed our travel plans by a couple of hours and phoned Marty, the Acme redeployment guy, to make sure he understood our situation and what kind of positions we were interested in. He sounded chirpy enough, but the Christmas holiday season is not the best time to be looking to get hold of people in the company.

We also made a phone call to our old boss, Bob, and let him know what the deal was. Couldn't hurt, he's always looked out for us.

There's a slim chance they'll be a job for one of us at Acme. We have until January 17 to find one.