looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Soprano Synchronicity

On the way back home from seeing Equilibrium, it was only 4:30 but both Lisa and I were very hungry all of a sudden. So a minor detour - an early lunch at the Wok's Inn at Centennial Center.

The food there was alway great, only this time they had a new waitress who was getting at least one dish per table completely wrong. She was trying so hard, and getting flustered...

In our case we ended up with "Orange Chicken" instead of "Orange Peel Beef". I confess I was so hungry I ate most of it before we noticed.

Here's the thing: Later this evening we were watching the season finale of "The Sopranos" on TV, and there was this scene where Tony goes to the door and it's the chinese take-out guy. Tony says, "Did you check the order this time?" and the guy says "Yes, it's all there" and he pays him and goes back to the table. He's sitting down taking out the cartons and he exclaims, "#$%^@! They forgot the Orange Peel Beef again!"

The fortune in our cookie did not shed any light on this.