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Die Another Day (2002)

I might as well reinforce the impression that all I talk about is food and movies...

It was with great surprise my.yahoo.com told me that the film _Equilibrium_ was playing at several nearby theaters. So, Lisa and I decided that, after her chiropractice and our subsequent monthly sushi meal at Shogun, we would drive a little further and see a 7:00pm showing at Texas Station.

When we got there, the clerk behind the counter said, "We don't have that showing here this evening."

Turns out it doesn't open for another week or so. Yahoo lies!

We had a choice: drive back home, or see an alternative film. We voted and somewhat lacklusterly chose "Die Another Day", the latest James Bond film.

All the reviews I had read about this film praised it as a "return to form" and that the only thing wrong with it was the dreadful title music - by Madonna.

Apparently they saw a different movie, because the best parts of the film in my opinion were the title song, and John Cleese's turn as "Q". And of course, Judi Dench is terrific in anything.

I think what got me most was that the Science (which is dodgy in *any* modern action flick) was just totally stupid. OK, I *know* James Bond is fantasy but I found I just didn't have the energy to raise my level of disbelief high enough to truly enjoy the film. Explosions, cars, helicopters, chase sequences... Like the baby in the carry-cot several rows in front of us, I found "Yawn Another Day" overstimulating to the point of boredom.