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  amongst the irregular verbiage

End of November

Ah, there's nothing like a Saturday. Especially when it follows two days that basically felt like your standard weekend, it's like getting an extra weekend.

Nothing much happened. I stayed in my office and worked on music stuff - there's a guitar piece I'm trying to make work, but first I simply *had* to reconfigure effect chain, making the POD a module in the effect loop of the GSP21. It means I can couple the amp simulation of the POD with the superior reverb models of the GSP)which took a couple of hours. Prior to this, I had to decide whether to use the GSP or the POD, and switch the plugs around.

In the process, I discovered that the "effect loop" parameter of the GSP actually has two additional values I didn't know about: "Stereo Summed" and "Inline Summed". The GSP is an ancient piece of hardware, I've had it for years, but I never knew about these options. As it turns out, this anecdote is kind of silly because it turns out that they weren't useful for what I wanted to achieve anyway.

Lisa is busy reading the second book in the Galactic Mileau quartet (by Julian May) and I don't expect to see her until mid-afternoon.


It has been overcast and drizzly today and the house never got a chance to warm up. We've activated the air conditioning to goose the temperature in the house at 6:00am, ready for us to emerge tomorrow morning. We've been wondering if we could hold off activating the heating until Dec 1 - it's close enough.

We have a busy month coming up: YAYC on the 3rd (yet another Yes concert); a trip to Phoenix on the 11th to see some friends and also a Peter Gabriel concert; Derek and Teresa arrive later on for the holidays...

I'm looking forward to it.