looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Two things achieved today: Getting our mortgage in order; and framing my photographic enlargements.

First, we sent off our papers to the bank to get our mortgage refinanced. Rates had dropped so we wanted to take advantage of that. Thanks to Lisa's quick action, several days ago we got a rate locked before the rates started bouncing back, and today we completed the paperwork and got it fed-exed off to the bank people.

It's a bit of work to do the paperwork, but it's worth it. The new rate is 2.75% lower than our current rate! The math works out in our favor no matter how we play it.

Secondly, a second visit to Aaron Bros Art Supplies, this time accompanied by my actual prints, and with Lisa's helpful eye we picked out some frames and a matt board.

This evening I cut the matts to size and framed the pictures and they look great on our living room wall. I've always wanted to frame these.

I'm sure I'm not the only person fascinated by sunsets, and these photos were taken during two separate sun setting occasions: One set of a time-lapsed setting sun over San Francisco Bay taken from the Berkeley hills in 1994; and the other (Taken much later) is panoramic montage of a rather spectacular bunch of cloud formations taken during a blushing sunset from our back veranda at Carlysle Road in Auckland, NZ.