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Harry Potter and the Art Supply Store

Here's a tip: If you're going to order enlargements from a photo lab intended for framing, make sure that you know what sizes are available in the cheap pre-matted frames before deciding what size reprints to do.

Yesterday we heard from Ritz Camera that our poster-size reprint was available. (The picture is one I took at Bethel's Beach on Auckland's West coast, shortly before sunset.)

So, this afternoon we drove down to Meadows Mall to collect the poster-size reprint from Ritz Camera, and then went to Aaron Brothers Framing and Art Supplies on Rainbow to look at frames.

I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed at the enlargement. The last time I did this, it looked really dark and rich. This time it was kind of washed-out looking - a completely different enlargement process I think. So we ended up picking out a simple frame rather than anything too fancy.

I also looked for possible framing ideas for my other (smaller) reprints, but found that 5x7 is much more common than 6x8. So, not sure what I'm going to do there. A custom frame? Expensive, and the pictures aren't *that* good.

After that we saw "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" at the United Artists Theater (which inexplicably has turned into one of the Regal chain! Had we known, we would have used our Regal Customer Loyalty card and gained some cinematic potato points).

I enjoyed the film. I have not read the books, and I don't know how original J.K.Rowling really is, but if the movies are faithful translations of the books, then she is to be commended for synthesizing an enjoyable fantasy world for which I am very happy to hang up my adulthood and immerse my inner child in.