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Buffets and Blues Tickets

This just in - YES are swinging back through Vegas on the later half of the second leg of their Summer 2002 tour. I'm astounded. This time they're playing at the Hard Rock Hotel venue called "The Joint". Tickets go on sale in the next few days.

I'd much rather they were in the studio recording a new album, but hey, even as a touring-only nostalgia band, I'll make time and $$ available to go see Messers Howe, Wakeman, et al.


We noticed in the paper today that JW Marriott (formerly known as The Regent) has re-opened its buffet. The Regent used to have one of the best and cheapest buffets in town, but after they went bankrupt and I guess Marriott bought them, they'd closed for remodelling.

So, we decided that after Lisa's chiro appointment this afternoon we would drive down to Summerlin and check out the new buffet, before heading home via the Mandalay Bay to pick up tickets for the Pat Metheny concert this Friday.

The news is not good. It's cheap, but boring. Not recommended. On the other hand, we can confirm that the Irish Pub is still open, so perhaps we'll take Josh there when he comes to visit in January.