looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

All on a Sunday

I broke a tiny dish the other day - it slipped out of my fingers as I was trying to put it back on the shelf, and it kind of bounced off the counter and hit the floor, breaking into 4 roughly equal sized pieces. It was not worth repairing in my opinion.

It was a the kind of dish you might put soy sauce in if you were eating sushi, and we usually use it for temporary storage of used tea bags, or holding chopped garlic or herbs.

So, this afternoon on our way to our niece's Kayla's birthday party, we stopped in at Cost Plus and foraged for dishes, replacing the broken one.

Kayla's party was in full swing when we arrived, and full of excitement and joy which is always important, especially when you're 4 years old.

After that, it was back to Stars Nursery to pick up some more plants to fill in the gaps in our garden. 3 lavender plants and a couple of small green ground cover guys that are likely to spread but that's ok for where we are planning on putting them.

A quick stop at Trader Joe's for necessary items like honey (they didn't have any NZ Manuka, darn it - we're nearly out again), frozen wontons (again, they were out - but we got some potstickers instead to trial as a substitute), dried apricots, and ginger beer.

I can report that potstickers are not exactly the same as wontons when added to soup, but that they do make a soup interesting nonetheless. We will try this again.