looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Stan and Jeanne owed us a meal, so we met up with them at Tenaya Creek. They weren't very busy there, but for some reason it took them ages to bring us our brunch...

After that we decided to check out the new Costco that's just opened. It's located around the back side of the Summerlin district, and once the beltway/215 has been completed so as to make a full circuit around the valley, it might actually be reasonably accessable to us. Currently it's as much out of the way as the other Costco on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Costco is kind of like a discount bulk buyer's club. You pay a subscription to be a member, then you can buy all sorts of things in bulk.

We originally switched from Costco to Sam's Club, because it was more accessable and convenient, and the products available were pretty much the same. We would have stuck with Costco if they had continued to stock our favorate brand of coffee, but for some reason, the Costco in Vegas doesn't offer the same coffee brands as the one in San Rafael.

After checking out the new Costco, we see they now stock the missing coffee brand. Hmm. Is it enough to warrant switching memberships again? Probably not - we've since found other ways to keep ourselves well-stocked with coffee.

On the way back home from Costco, we stop in at Star's Nursery to pick up some plants to replace the ones that have died in our back yard. (Why did they die? We don't know. Perhaps they had a limited lifetime.)

We settled on three "Red Yucca" plants. These have roughly the same form as the "lily" plants they replaced.( see http://www.pocoverdelandscape.com/plantindex/pages/red.yucca.htm.)

In process of planting them, I broke our trowel.