looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A lonely night, an eye test, and beard trauma

Lisa actually spent last night at Toni's in a sleeping bag on the floor. Toni wasn't doing so well, throwing up and not really being safe on her own. I don't think Lisa got much sleep what with Toni's cats and the ticking of the pendulum clock...

Our cats were very happy to have the extra space on our bed.


I sat down in the sun in the back garden this morning to perform my bi-weekly beard-trimming ritual. I have a rather good Norelco beard trimmer that has worked really well, it's rechargeable and goes months without needing a recharge.

I visually checked the setting (I use "5" for my beard), switched it on and ran it up an over my chin. Very quickly I realised it didn't feel right... the guard mechanism had slipped back to "1" and I'd just shaved a big chunk out of my beard! Argh. I played with the settings for a minute or two, but I couldn't reproduce the problem - it locked at 5 quite securely.

I went inside to check the damage. Hmm. Might be salvageable.

"You'll just have to shave the whole thing off," said Lisa, in an encouraging voice.

"I *like* having a goatee," I replied. "I'm gonna try and salvage it."

I used a setting of "2" which is closer than I prefer, but still acceptable, and I figured the uneveness wouldn't show except in close-ups.

Of course, the reliable Norelco beard trimmer ran down its charge before I'd finished. I had to go back inside and plug the thing in and finish up in the bathroom.

None-the-less, it's an excellent beard trimmer.


This afternoon we had appointments at the eye doctor, Lisa to check her prescription and me to just have a checkup to make sure I still don't need glasses. I always find the optometric tests to be very interesting.

Apparently my eyes are a little less good than they were in '97 when I had my last test, but still fine. I don't need glasses, and probably won't for a while yet.

Lisa's going to get a couple of pairs of glasses with a new prescription and then trial them for a while to see if it's an improvement.


This evening we ate chinese takeways over at Toni's place, and watched "Jackie Brown" on DVD. She was not too drugged out to enjoy it.