looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

A trial of tears

Thank goodness Kami has a short memory, because for the few minutes each day I have to pin her down while Lisa squirts a syringe of pink disgusto fluid into her mouth, I'm sure she hates us.

The first couple of times Kami didn't seem to mind so much, but now she's become wise to the sound of the bottle being shaken up and also she seems to know when to make herself scarce.

Luckily she's never too far away from the kibble bowl to which she returns regularly. At this point I grab her, hind legs in one hand and forelegs in the other, then sit on a chair so that Lisa can grab her cheeks and force her mouth open. If I don't hang on, Kami will lash out and lacerate any nearby flesh with her claws, so a firm grip is essential.

Kami has learned how to not swallow and let it dribble out the sides of her mouth. Her beautiful white furry breast is now spikey and pink.