looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Kami at the Vet

The last couple of times we've been in the garden pruning the trees (a long, careful process) we've noticed Kami running around and squatting with no noticeable output. This suggests a problem with her waterworks, so after a couple of days of this we decided to cart her off to the vet for an examination.

The good Doctor Gorman verified a tenderness in the bladder area, but Kami refuses to "pee in a cup" so we have to leave her there until she's willing to offer up a sample.


Later - the vet calls us to confirm the presence of bacteria (and blood) in Kami's urine, so Lisa was right, there's definitely a problem. We pick Kami up and collect some nasty vile pink stuff to be taken orally, twice a day after meals. Seeing as Kami eats all the time, this might be difficult to pin down.

There is a cat in this picture. Kami is well-camoflaged on the quilt.