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My Big Fat Greek Mousaka

We felt like we deserved a treat today, so after work we head out for won-ton soup and a movie. Jut for a change, we decide to go to a place on Craig Road that we've driven past a number of times, each time saying, "next time we'll check out that place". Well, today we did.

It was pretty good, although there was a bar next door that had some loud music thumping through the wall, but the service was good and the food pretty good too. We may go back for a second look. So far it's the only place  in Vegas that offers "Sizzling Rice Soup". It was good, but not very sizzling.

Another nice thing about this particular location is that there is a comic book store a couple of doors down. Didn't have any Cerebus though.

We left the restaurant in a happy full state and drove to the movie theatre across from the Santa Fe to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

The eggplant is still in the fridge, uncooked. Perhaps tomorrow?