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The Shuttle looks back

Interesting day today. For a start, the Shuttle Atlantis was due to take off this afternoon, and indeed it did. The added attraction here was that NASA had attached a camera to the main fuel tank, positioned in front of the orbiter but looking back down towards the ground in such a way that both the launch pad and the orbiter could be observed during launch.

I was going to watch this live in streaming video on the NASA TV web site, but at the last minute realised that CNN would probably also be channeling it, so went and turned on the TV. I also threw a blank tape in the VCR just in case.

It was pretty cool. After the separation of the solid rocket boosters, some debris or dirt or something reduced the quality of the picture, but it was still cool.

Lisa's brother Tod was in town, and he came for dinner along with Stan and Jeanne. As usual we fired up the grill and cooked sweetcorn and salmon, chicken, and a couple of steaks. Everyone had just what they wanted...

Afterwards we watched Tod's video of his trip to England with Hallie, and also watched the tape I made of the shuttle launch.