looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

The pleasant month^H week^H day^H few hours of Autumn

Lisa found out from the Sales Office over our back fence that Greystone Homes have been selling the houses in the housing-development-over-the-road to schedule, which means soon the construction will be moving back into our development as they fill out the last gaps with new houses. One of these gaps is the Sales Office car park, which is located diagonally over our back fence.

We expect construction to begin in December? For a move-in date of April 2003? Something like that. It's been fun have the openess of the sky in that direction.  Hopefully it'll only be a few weeks of rotary saws going non-stop in January or something.

Glorious weather today. I don't know off-hand if it is officially Autumn but it feels like it. We've left the living room windows open, but turned off the fans because it's fairly windy. 77 degrees at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Ahhh, beautiful.


4:44pm - spoke too soon about the great weather. Half an hour ago the wind picked up, we had a 3-second power cut, and now the trees outside are being thrown around like anything in sudden string gusts. The Palo Verde, much tended and re-staked, is leaning over at a rather sad angle, but at least it's still in the ground. Over the back fence it looks as though one of the trees is out of the count - it's split down the middle. Still very windy out there, and it looks like rain headed this way.


It rained. Is it Winter already?