looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

The end of Summer?

The weather has been fantastic for the last week. We've been getting up and opening all the windows and setting the fans going to circulate cool morning air throughout the house. The air conditioning doesn't kick in until just after midday, and sometimes later. I think we're almost at the point where we turn off the airconditioning and maintain the internal climate passively.

There's no doubt that the reflective tint film on the windows has helped a lot. It doesn't eliminate the need to draw the kitchen blinds when the sun makes it over into the West, but it does reduce the heat transmitted into the house. Takes the edge off it, or something.

We've felt the most difference by having the secondary thermostat in a different location. It's enabled us to maintain separate zones with independent temperatures to a much greater degree than before (pardon the pun).

Lisa trimmed some trees yesterday, and put down some plant food for the shrubs at the front of the house. It definitely feels like Summer is over.

Which for us means looking forward to being outside more, and enjoying evenings sitting on the back porch, and stuff like that.