looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Rush Hour

It was hard to concentrate all morning, knowing that we were going to be seeing Rush live at the MGM Grand this evening.... but concentrate we did, even getting a lot of work accomplished.

At around 3:30 we left the house, mailed some letters, and dropped in on Stan and Jeanne in order to set up Dawntreader back in its current rightful location as Stan's PC. After a couple of re-starts to get the mouse recognised, all was well, and I think both Stan and Jeanne are very happy not to be listening to "Fur Elise" constantly.

It was early enough that we could have gone out for dinner with them, but they decided to take a rain check this time. Anyway, we rationalised that although the concert wasn't due to start until 8:00, it might be better to drive straight down to the MGM Grand and park early on, and then find a place to eat inside. So this is what we did.