looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

As cold as... um... er

I'm a capable kind of guy. I can use tools, erect pegboards, fix garden lights, stake trees, and hang curtains. Appliances I have trouble with. (I was going to say, "... appliances leave me cold" but as you will see, that would be inappropriate.)

I still don't know how to use the washing machine. (It's so wrong. The dials have three "off" positions! It's positively mutant.)

It being Friday 13th and all, something bad was bound to happen and it did. I left the freezer door in the garage ajar yesterday. What this means is that for 24 hours the freezer tried in vain to cool down its contents, and in the process, heated up the garage and possibly damaged the appliance. It got really hot on its exterior surface.

I remember getting some sliced bread out of the freezer around lunchtime, and I guess the door didn't close properly.

This evening, Lisa went to get some bacon out and found a small disaster area. Bagels and fruit juice, no worries, but lamb roasts and ground meat? Scallops and shrimps? Argh.

The freezer had done a valiant job, and most things, while obviously less than perfectly frozen, seemed ok. We changed our dinner plans and had scallops instead.

We'll work on eating through the contents of the freezer before we re-stock it, thus if anyone is going to get sick it'll be us.