looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

To get to the point

This thing may not be an allergy. My sinuses are clear, I don't have a headache or anything, but my nose is very, shall we say, does not have a liquidity problem. A major reliance on tissues has become evident.

In other news, I sharpened all the knives in the house. I started with the small brown-handled paring knife - no risk if I ruined it - and using my new sharpening stone I tried putting a 30-degree angle on it using brisk back-and-forth strokes until I'd put a "burr" on the edge. Then turned the knife around the other way and took the burr off.

Finished up with a "polish" using some 000-grade steel wool felt.

The knive seemed sharper afterwards, so I tried doing the same thing to the other two paring knives, the carving knife, and the chef's knife.

We'll see how much "better" they are next time we do some cooking...