looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

We try to get rid of Derek

We got up at 7:00am and dropped Derek at the airport at 8:00. He had a 9:10 flight back to the East coast...

On the way home we stopped in and re-stocked on bagels. We practically cleaned out Bagels-n-More, buying 4 dozen! Then back home and back to work.

Derek phoned up midafternoon with some bad news: his plane had run into technical trouble about an hour in to the flight - some light on the control panel had lit up or something - and had turned back to Vegas. Upon landing they had hydraulic problems and had to be towed back to the gate. The passengers were all sitting at the gate, waiting to find out when their plane would take off again.

The airline is National, which are currently in financial trouble. This is nothing new,  most airlines are currently in trouble due to the reduced demand for air travel here since September 11, but National specifically are in talks with financial backers to prevent going Chapter 11. We can only hope that they are still finding time and money to perform maintenance on their aircraft! Derek's experience does not bode well, and one wonders whether the $200 travel voucher he got as compensation is going to be worth anything in the coming months...

We did get a phone call from Derek later so we know he eventually arrived safely.