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Yes, North American Tour, Las Vegas Hilton

At around 9:30 I changed into my "Topographic Oceans" T-shirt and we jumped in the car and drove to the Hilton for the Yes concert, which was due to open at 10:30.

This was the last show of the current tour, and I think it is fitting that Lisa and I saw the first one in Seattle, and the last one here in Vegas with Teresa and Derek.

I had some initial worries that the show would be a reduced 90 minute one due to performance policy restrictions in place at the Hilton theater. However, the newsgroup reported that the previous night's show was a good 2 hours and 10 minutes, and that the Hilton people were understanding and adaptable. (Apparently the 90 minute limit is a minimum to prevent acts from short-changing the audience...)

Derek & Teresa aren't dedicated fans of the band, but they like good music and can respect and enjoy excellent musicianship when they see it, so I'm pretty sure they had a good time.

The show was pretty much the same as the one we saw earlier in Seattle, except that they dropped the solo numbers and one peice (The Revealing) and added an additional encore, Yours_Is_No_Disgrace, which frankly I enjoyed more.

It was after 1:00am by the time we flopped into bed.