looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Several Rash Acts

We woke up early, which initially seemed like a good idea, given that we were going to be driving back to Las Vegas in the afternoon. Maximize the time we have in the company of the rest of the family, right?

Breakfast turned into an extended affair as people came out at various times during the morning. We got to look at some photos of Anna when she was young, and some of us worked on finalizing the list of Wedding Invitations. Derek and Teresa and I were interested in another swim before we left San Diego, so plans for a lunch out were scrapped (We were still full of breakfast! Thanks Judy for the excellent cinnamon roll thingy.) and the kids and I swam in the pool for an hour or so while the others talked wedding stuff and looked at photos. (I think.)

Now is a good point to say an extra Thanks! to Judy and Marshall, we had a great time over those couple of days, thanks to your generous hospitality.

10 minutes in to the drive home I kind of insisted that we stop off at the Carvin showroom so that I could play a particular guitar through an amp, and ask some more questions about various construction options.

And then, yeah, I couldn't help it, I ordered another guitar. Delivery time estimated 4-5 weeks. Arggh, it's going to be a long wait.

Driving back East to Vegas, it was pretty uneventful, except I missed the last Barstow exit and we had to do a kind of weird loop through the back roads of Barstow. Found a place to eat dinner in a Sizzler. Adequate food, nothing special.

It was totally dark when we stopped at Primm for a toilet+caffeine stop, this time I decided to try a Tazo Citrus from Starbucks. (Teresa had had one on the way to San Diego and generously allowed me a taste and I decided that the next opportunity I had I'd give it a try.)

However much we might distrust Starbucks' coffeeshop globalization campaign, they do push good stuff. Tazo Citrus.... mmmm. Say no to the obligatory offer of "cream" on the top though.

On the way from Primm to Vegas, I broke out in an itchy rash, all over. Argh! Sunburn? Allergic to Tazo Citrus? (please, No!). In the orange shadowy glow of the road lights, I could practically *see* raised bumps breaking out on my forearms.

Driving North into the Las Vegas valley on I-15, we passed a big billboard on behalf of the Hilton, announcing "YES 2002 Aug 24-25". Two nights, and we've got tickets for tomorrow night's show, heh heh.

We arrived home with no complications other than my dermatological insanity.

After the spider bite fiasco, I really wasn't keen on itchy rashes. Could this be heat rash? Did I get too much sun while in the pool that morning? As yet, no answer to this question.