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D, T, and some new speakers arrive

My arm is definitely healing now - those antibiotic pills must be working. The allergy ones seemed to have no effect.

The new speakers arrive today. I had some trouble connecting the sub-woofer correctly, mainly because we have some in-wall wiring that wasn't quite compatible without an adapter, but after a quick phone conversation with the support technician, all was fixed and a quick blast of the THX Test program on the "Close Encounters" DVD proved it was working.

In the evening we drove out to McCarren and picked up Derek and Teresa, who looked great. We tried to eat dinner at PF Changs, as per usual, but they were very busy, so we instead drove around the corner to the Aladdin, and ate at the Todai Seafood Buffet. It was good, but a little expensive, and really better if you like seafood (duh!) If you have a birthdays you can go free, which is great for birthday parties. 10 days earlier would have been ideal...

After dinner we shopped at the Gap, they had a sale on and Derek and I found some cool monochromatic T-shirts...