looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Time off for good behavior

This morning we promised Toni-from-across-the-street that we'd give her cheesecake and report on Association meeting from earlier in the week, and told her to call over here at 7pm.

During the afternoon one of the main trunk lines between Conway and Downer's Grove was being spliced, and as a result, there was no network connectivity for a lot of Acme people who would normally be working. So we took some time out to go get some pet food, browse a bookstore, and then there was just time to go straight back home and cook dinner (a salad, hooray) before Toni was due to visit.

As it turned out, she knocked on the door just as we were sitting down to eat - we were late - so we invited her in for some salad and debriefed to her the details ofthe association meeting.