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Signs (2002)

The plan for today was to go see a movie at the Suncoast and then possibly pop across the road to the Regent/JW Marriot to introduce Josh and Anna to the Irish Pub there.

We modified the plan slightly. After seeing the film "Signs" and then foraging at Trader Joe's, we went straight home and I cooked a pasta sauce using some of the grilled chicken breasts from last night, on penne.

"Signs" was good. I think we all enjoyed it a lot, although being the product of M.Night Shyamalan's active imagination, we weren't sure what to expect. It's not quite a science fiction story, although things happen in the film that you would normally associate with that genre. It's more a story about how an ex-Episcopalian priest (who has lost his faith through personal tragedy) and his family react and deal with extraordinary world events.

What makes the film really good is great casting, wonderful acting, and a fantastic soundtrack - I'm not just talking about the music, I mean the sound effects, everything.

I had fun cooking, then after dinner we watched a Rugby game we'd taped earlier - NZ vs. Australia for the Bledisloe Cup, part of the Tri-nations tournament.

People who know me will know that I am not a sport afficionado, and do not normally seek out Sport on TV. But maybe because Josh was here, or maybe I was just feeling nostalgic, whatever - I really enjoyed the game. It was really exciting!

It helps to find the page in the TV guide where they list dates and times by game type. I can look up "Rugby" in the list and see exactly when a game is on, then tape it. Josh says he'll watch any rugby game I can tape, so I'll probably try taping the rest of the tri-nations stuff and send them to him.