looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Josh and Anna Arrive

We stopped work at 4:00pm and drove down to the Aladdin to do some chores before collecting Josh and Anna from the airport.

Basically, we wanted to:

  • go to Eddie Bauer in the Desert Passage to see if we could get a replacement watch strap for L's watch;
  • visit the box office to get a couple of tickets to Bonnie Raitt in September;
  • check out restaurants in the Aladdin and select one for Wednesday night.

I think we were successful: a place upstairs called Tremezzo has been selected, and we were assured that a table for 6 under the windows would allow us to talk without being drowned out by the ambient noise level found in the hotel/casino area.

After that, a quick stop at Guitar Center for some strap locks, and it was time to us to head to the airport to pick up Josh and Anna.

Their plane was supposedly on time, but something must have delayed the process of disembarking because while we were sitting by the baggage carousel people kept coming up to us and asking us if we'd come from Flight 417 and we kept giving the answer that "no. we're *waiting* for people from flight 417." Seems like everyone was in the same boat.

30 minutes later the area suddenly got busy and we caught sight of Josh and Anna, so that was alright.

We had very nice dinner at PF Changs, which is our late-night-airport-pickup venue of choice, because it is close by and open late.