looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Getting Ready

No-one seems to want to talk to us from work this morning, which is good, because we're preparing the house for our 3 day absence, backing up our work to alternate machines, and shutting down the electronics. I've set the VCR in the bedroom to record "Good Eats" but that's the only activity going on while we're away - not counting the cats, of course, but I don't really think that they could as "activity".

Speaking of cats, rather than put them in a cattery for three days, we're leaving them at home with extra bowls of kibble and lots of extra water. We'll leave the thermostat adjusted to keep them comfortable, which means a little warmer than usual.

We wanted to feed them a tin of wet food this morning, instead of their usual time at 6:00pm, but Karma wouldn't come out from his hiding place behind the TV. The more you call him, the more he thinks something is up and won't budge. It's about the only place we can't actually force him to move from.

He came out eventually, and the cats got their breakfast. They'll have to survive on kibble until Thursday night. It's not really three days, more like two nights.


It was an uneventful flight. Sherri picked us up at the airport, and on the drive out to their house in Issaquah we had to detour because of a fire on I-90. Sherri said there was a big column of black smoke and lots of fire engines, some of them from Boeing. Parts of the freeway had been shut down as a result.

This evening we watched "Chinatown" after a fantastic meal of pan fried salmon and roasted vegetables.