looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

The one about the stray dog and the twins

It was windy outside this morning, which is typical, because we were planning on spraying the diseased tree while the air was cool and still. And it's neither.

Mid-morning I went out to check on the trees to make sure they were still standing vertically, and I noticed a dog huddled between the wall of our house and the air conditioning units. He seemed pretty unhappy, bleeding from his foreleg and with raw patches on his nose and ears.

He had a chain with a broken end, and looked kind of neglected. I gave him some water but I don't think he drank any. That's a worry, because it was 90° outside and he must have needed some.

We called Animal Control and they came and took him away. The control officer said he was a "Mixed Chow, about 4 years old - still a puppy really. The raw patches are fly bites." He's gone to the Lied Animal Shelter.


We'll put some notices up on the mailboxes and see if anyone knows anything, but I really don't think he is from around here.

In the afternoon, PC Club rang up to say that the Twins were ready. That was quick! At around 4:30 we drove down to pick them up.

This evening and tomorrow we expect to be installing software and transferring files. We're going to call them Castor and Pollux.