looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Back To Work

And it was pretty sucky. Nothing we do seems to make our project manager happy. All we can do is keep meeting our deadlines, which so far seems manageable.

The computer workstation I put together from left-over parts for L several months ago has been doing some strange, unreliable things lately. Also, the work we are doing involves software that has been taxing both her machine and my 3 year old Acme laptop.

So, in order to make our lives a bit more pleasent in this respect, something I didn't write about last month is that we did some research on computer hardware prices and availability and decided to order a pair of identical machines with reasonable up-to-date specs from the local PC Club store.

It was strictly a business decision. Anyway, the Twins, as we call them, should be ready in a week.

In other news, one of our trees has some kind of disease, powdery mildew or something like that. (Mildew? Here? Apparently.) Yesterday, we popped in to Home Depot to get some plant spray, and also some new carriage bolts with locking washers, because the foot rests on the elliptical trainer are coming loose in mid-exercise. (Now fixed!)