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Minority Report (2002)

And for one of the more hyped movies of the Summer movie season, I fear I will be filing a minority report of my own. Read on...

This afternoon L and I decided to go for a drive down to Trader Joes and restock on important things like ginger beer, coffee, nuts, and non-sulphured dried apricots. After that, we would drive a little further south to a recently opened mega-store called "The Great Indoors".

Upon entering the huge building, we both had the same thought. It reminded us very much of the housewares store that opened up on the North Shore near where we lived in Browns Bay, NZ, the one whose name I can't remember, in that industrial park area near the freeway, whose name I can't remember.... argh, better stop there. If this was a shirt I'd never wear it 'cause it'd be full of holes.

Anyway - we both had the same feeling, and we figured that mostly it was the smell. There's something about the smell of duvet covers, crockery, fridges, carpets, rugs, and lights all simmering together with a cafe in the middle, something distinctive.

After  having a lot of fun browsing, we checked out carefully noted show times for Minority Report, and decided that the next showing at the Texas Station was most suitable.

Well, I have to say I've been looking forward to this film since it came out a week or so ago. Steven Spielberg taking on Phillip K Dick - just that fact plus some rave reviews from respected reviewers maybe built up my expectations a little too much.

It started off quite well, with some nice imaginings of a future 50 years from now, but towards the end of the first chase scene it started fraying at the edges. Miraculous escapes, and several basic plot holes that either shouldn't have been there, or needed to be explained - except they couldn't have been explained without making a total "train-wreck" out of an already dodgy plot. Shame. Still, this movie managed to surprise me twice, which is once more than most "good" films do. But somehow, I expected a film that draws the best parts from many recent sci-fi films - I'm thinking Bladerunner, Strange_Days, even a helping of Vanilla_Sky - should have been better.