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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Some Good News

Here's the full quote from today's Las Vegas Review-Journal's Entertainment column by Mike Weatherford:

  "For prog-rock fans of the British institution Yes, the return of flashy
  keyboardist Rick Wakeman is big news. Local buyers were less sure if
that translated into enough extra ticket sales to boost the group back into
  arenas after a few stops at the Hard Rock Hotel and House of Blues.  The
  Las Vegas Hilton ended up offering a smart compromise: Two nights in its
  1650-capacity theater on August 24 and 25. Tickets go on sale on Thursday."

Now, assuming this isn't just a rumour... (After all, the other venues in the Yes itinerary are "stadium/arena"-type, so to suddenly play two nights in a "club" in Vegas seems a little weird.)

Of course I'll be getting tickets for one of the shows at least. Derek and Teresa will be with us at the tail end of their Summer vacation from about Aug 20 - Aug 29, so... I figure they'd both like to come to the show with us.

Assuming I get confirmation that this isn't a psychotic fantasy hallucination on my part, I'll be treking down to the Hilton later this week to get tickets.