looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Roast Lamb

Sunday. Last weekend we were going to do something for Father's Day, but Stan wasn't feeling well, so as an alternate celebration we invited Stan and Jeanne to come over for a lamb roast.

Not the usual sort of thing for us, a lamb roast. However, two things combined to make this happen.

1. Our culinery hero, Alton Brown, of the Food Network's "Good Eats" programme, did an episode called "Grill Seekers" in which he roasted a boneless rolled leg roast in his charcoal grill.

2. Our local Sam's Club bulk store had boneless rolled lamb leg roasts for sale.

Anything Alton explains, we can do.

And we did. Low and Slow, except it was hard to keep the grill "low" when the ambient temperature is 103 degrees and the sun is shining on the grill lid. So it wasn't that slow - more like 1 hour before the interior of the roast had reached 130 degrees. A nice sprig of rosemary from our garden kept the roast company, smoking away like anything.

To tell the truth, the exterior of the roast was perfect, but the interior was still on the glassy side of pink for my tastes. But everyone agreed the experiment was a success! Next time, lower and slower.

We finished off the evening watching a DVD of "O Brother Where Art Thou" which is a great film if you haven't yet seen it.