looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


After work we drove in down to the post office to put a package in the mail for my cousin Marc, then stopped off at the Santa Fe to see a showing of the film "The Sum Of All Fears".

Now, I am unashamedly a Tom Clancy fan (although I found his latest - The Bear and the Dragon - a bit hard to get into, and it remains unfinished on my shelf) so I was going to see this movie even if it got bad reviews. However, it didn't. It's been doing very well, and getting good reviews. And this is during a time when a lot of Summer movies are being released.

I knew there were going to be a number of changes from the book - which is one of Clancy's best of the "John Ryan" series I think - so I expected to gripe about those. But instead, I found the movie very enjoyable despite the changes. They took the basic plot, made the hero much younger and at an earlier life stage than he is in the book - hey , Ben Afleck just can not follow from where Harrison Ford left off, and thankfully they didn't try - and changed the nationality of the bad guys from Arabs to Nazis, and yet the end result still works, thanks to some honest attention to detail, some inspired casting, and of course, good source material.

It was fun to see a great spy thriller on the big screen. There's been a lack of them in the genre I think, particularly since the "worse than parody" Bond films are back, but now with Affleck as John Ryan and Matt Damon as Jason Bourne (hope to see the remake of "The Bourne Identity" next week) the future of spy movies is safe again.