looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

If we move fast we can catch a concert

Saturday... a day of rest. But first: 10 minutes on the Eliptical Trainer!

Then: Shower, coffee, bagels, and the morning paper.

This morning we hooked the laptops back into the network and realised that one of our 8 port network hubs in our wiring closet was not working. Some research reveals that the power supply has failed. Heat related? There was a heat wave here in Vegas while we were in Chicago, and we had adjusted the house thermostats to not cool the house while we were away...Fortunately, the other 8 port hub was still operational. Some re-plugging - hubs are great - and everyone was online again and retrieving e-mail.

Lisa noted that Howard Jones was playing at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay this evening, and did I want to go? Well, kind of, but not if we were too tired after last week. After some discussion, we decided that we *weren't* too tired, and that we were jolly well going to go out and have some fun.

Before picking up the cats from Creature Comforts, Lisa mopped the kitchen floor. It's possible to do it when the cats are around, but usually they decide they *have* to get to their bowl just as you're mopping that part out.

As we drove home from collecting the cats - we noted they'd learned how to sing in harmony - we realised we'd left their food and bowls behind. Darn it.

When we got home, Lisa checked out what time CC closed on Saturdays. 5:00pm. We called in on our way down to the 'Strip in the evening.