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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Do we still have a job?

Bad news today on the work front. I am getting really tired of the rollercoaster that is Acme's reorganization fetish. We *thought* we knew what we were doing after our business unit leader switched business units and took L and I with him.

Today, after a week of settling in and planning work schedules, we found out that Bob is not going to be able to keep us in his business unit. It isn't Bob's fault, he clearly didn't find out for sure until earlier in the day.

Bottom line: We have an interview on Tuesday with another  business unit leader in a different part of the company (I would say a different "division" but that is a word we aren't allowed to use at Acme) who would like to integrate us into his team.

It'll be "Services" instead of "Alliances" which means a more customer-centric, contracting kind of role than the generic development and support role we've been doing.

Let's hope it works out.