looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Plans are made

Today we finalised plans to visit Seattle in the middle of July. We'll see our good friends Walt and Sherri, and catch the opening night of the Classic Yes 2002 tour at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.

While L was online booking the National airline tickets, I was on Ticketmaster.com ordering the Yes/Paramount Theatre ones. As you may have read, our last adventure with Ticketmaster wasn't good (the tickets never arrived in the mail; the customer service people said show up anyway with the email confirmation; then at the venue they said we're not in their records.)

This time I selected the ticketfast(tm) option. A .PDF was emailed to me, and I printed them out on the inkjet. I now have the actual, legal tickets sitting on my desk. Very cool... no waiting. The Internet rocks!