looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Exercise, Cats, and Buffets

After work we went downtown to look at exercise equipment. We've been checking out all different brands of elliptical exercise machines, and using some recommended models from the Consumer Reports as a guide, we had narrowed it down to a couple of different kinds.

Basically, our strategy is this: rather than buy a top-range model, we decided to get a cheaper one and then not worry if it wears out or breaks, because by then we'll know whether this is the kind of activity that will be acceptable to our daily/weekly routine or whatever. If it is something that really works for us (or rather, makes us work for it) then at that time we'll know more about what we want and how much we want to spend to get it.

After an attempt to view/try a Reebok model at one store, we went back to Sears and once again tried out their lower-end models, this time armed with knowledge. We found one we liked, and it was on sale too, so we went ahead and ordered it. It'll be delivered on Thursday.

With that task completed, we felt entitled to go see The Cat's Meow at the Brendan Theater at The Palms casino.

One of the newest picture theaters in town, Brendan's is good because they don't sell coffee inside, so you are allowed to bring in your Starbucks or whatever. Also, the sounds system is great, and during off-peak times it is never busy. So we like it a lot.

The Cat's Meow in entertaining re-imagining of the the events that took place aboard media mogul William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924. It's very entertaining, and features great performances, including Eddie Izzard as Charlie Chaplin. (Yes, that's a stand-up comic being a serious actor playing a comedian, but it's a serious role and he does it well.) Joanna Lumely is also great, and there's a bunch of other great actors in it. It will get put in the Gosford Park genre, but it has a different flavor and is enjoyable for different reasons, I think.

When we exited the theater, we were starving so we walked down the hall to the Palms buffet which was still open for another hour. Too late we discovered that it was "Hawaian Night" and many of the usual dishes were replaced with Hawaian delicacies that frankly didn't appeal.

Oh well. Never again!