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This page for RENT (Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas)

We dropped Sherri off at the little North Las Vegas airport, wished her a good flight, and returned home to do a few chores before setting off back to the Aladdin on the 'Strip for our matinee performance of RENT (http://www.aladdincasino.com/entertainment/rent.html).

While we were walking around the Desert Passage to the entrance of the auditorium, we realised that we hadn't eaten any lunch, and we were both getting hungry. Inevitably, we started making plans to check out the buffet after the show...

Here's my review of the show: It's good. Some aspects were rather more amateurish than I expected, in that (in my opinion) the two main characters, Mark and Roger, were performed by the two worst singers of the troup. Not to say they were bad (although there were a few cringeworthy moments), but just noticeably not as good as the others. The performer who played Angel was particularly fantastic. What a voice. I went through Act I thinking it was a woman. Actually, it was a guy playing a drag queen, or possibly a transexual. My confusion is due to the fact that we didn't have the words in front of us, it was difficult to make out the words, and because of the second amateurish aspect, which was the sound mixer guy screwed up a lot. Some missed cues from the radio microphone mixer dude.

However, the music is excellent, and we will definitely be getting the CD. Josh in particular has been telling us we would enjoy it, but we have held off getting it because we wanted to experience the show and hear the songs in context of the performance. As it turned out, this may have been a mistake. We might have enjoyed the performance more if we had known the words to the songs in advance.

Ate like piggies at the buffet, then drove home. Hot chocolate and bed calls!