looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Yesterday we had a Home Depot experience, because the backflow vacuum preventer valve thingy was leaking. Not good. When Fernando the Plumber was here, he described the steps needed to fix the leak, and it sounded like something I could do.

Turned out that in addition to a length of PVC pipe, PCV cement, couplings, and a replacement brass shutoff valve, we also needed a 12" crescent wrench.

The job itself was reasonably straightforward, although I did need to shut of the water to the house and remove more of the brass fitting (i.e. all of it) than I wanted to in order to unscrew the faulty part, which was stuck so tight that if I had forced it it would have broken the PVC pipe.

This morning I finished the job by wrapping the backflow valve pipes in insulation material, taping it all down with Duct Tape, and put the fake rock back over them.

Then we drove out to Summerlin to visit the Bagel Cafe to restock on that most vital of foods, but we were too late, only odd unattractive flavors left in the available selection. A six-pack of rye ones will have to do.

A quick stop at Trader Joe's for dried apricots, slivered almonds and ginger beer, followed by another quick stop at an unfinished furniture place recommended by E. It turns out they have the same brand of shelves that we previously ordered online, and although the prices are about the same, it works out more cost efficient to get them here locally. Hooray! Although we love the internet commerce wave, we do try and support our local vendors - when they can actually vend the stuff we want.

We dropped in to Stan and Jeanne's to return a casserole dish and fix a computer file problem, and I fell asleep in the afternoon sun  for a couple of hours. Very restful, in a kind of heavy, Sunday afternoon stupourish kind of way.