looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

False Alarm?

We knocked off work at 3:00pm and went to drop off Stan's computer, plug it back in, and test it out. We also walked over to the local Smiths Supermarket (it was a lovely evening for walking) and did some messages there, before walking back and then driving home. On the way we noticed a Farmers Market at the PetCo carpark in Centennial Hills. Interesting, we thought. Better check it out.

It was a meagre affair when compared with the spectacular event that is the Farmers Market in Marin, but all the same we bought some honeycomb, vegetables, and some barbecued sausages to incorporate into dinner (Lisa cooked risotto, yum).

When we got home at 6:30pm we had a phone message from the security alarm monitoring people. Apparently our house alarm went off while we were out, at around 4:30pm. The zone that triggered it was 01, which is the motion detectors in the great room. We have pet-aware sensors, and there is no way anyone can get into the great room without setting off one of the window or door sensors, so this was a mystery. Could the cats have set it off? I don't think it is possible unless the sensors are not working correctly.

If so, it's ironic because earlier in the day L had left a message with the security installation people to see if the alarm system was due for a yearly maintenance visit...